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Get the roller bundle! Get your very own Cold Roller and Cold Roller MIni so you can never go without.

These stainless steel cold rollers from Glow Skincare in LA will help with many skin problems inclduding; reducing the appearence of pores, puffiness, redness and inflammation. Great to reduce irritation due to acne. Aids in lymphatic drainage. Also helps to seal in your skincare products you apply prior to use so you gain more potency.

How to use: 

Just roll it along our face. I use back and forth motions along my jawline, cheeks and up and down motions on my forehead and repeat a few times. It is so easy and soothing. 

-Simply place cold roller in your fridge or freezer for at least 20 minutes prior to use. I sugest letting it hang out in there at all times in a plastic bag or tupperwear. 

-Can be used on clean skin after or before other skincare products.

-Care for cold roller: Stainless Steel does not hold bacteria, but I suggest washing after each use with soap and water and letting dry before putting back in fridge/ freezer. The roller pops out if you prefer to wash it seperately.

-If squeaking occurs, use a drop of oil.

Happy Rolling!

Cold Roller Bundle

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