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Aloha from 


Growing up traveling to the Kona region on the Big Island of Hawaii, Ariel's parents knew they would one day live in paradise and have fulfilled their dream by doing so. She and her family enjoyed some of the best times of their lives in Hawaii and she feels a deep connection to the island. Ariel's Mom now owns and operates a Kona Coffee farm in Captain Cook, HI. 

Ariel has worked for top luxury hotel spas for over 12 years as well as catered to elite guests, celebrity clientele and royal families. She believes in delivering customized and personal service to each of her guests and wishes each and every person she pampers to feel confident and radiant when they leave her treatment room. 

She holds a CIDESCO  Diploma which is the most prestigious in the beauty industry today. With it she is able to practice Massage Therapy and Esthetics in over 44 countries world-wide.

Ariel has known she wanted to become an entrepreneur and spa owner to carry out her passion and to be able to give spa seekers unique and memorable experiences. Within her arsenal of services she offers; Eyelash Extensions, Facials. Facial Waxing and more.

Ariel takes a lot of inspiration from the islands especially the beautiful foliage, fruit and aromas and hopes to enlighten your senses with a little bit of Aloha.

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